It's a well-known fact that for most kinds of art you need talent and it's the sort of talent you have that determines in which field you will create something that can last. It's also obvious that you need something else besides your talent that actually drives you to create a piece of art. It seems that this special ability is creativity.

If you watch closely, it's easy to see that the kids who are to be considered as talented later are outstanding already in their childhood because of their interest, their openness and an ability to solve problems easily: creativity is already present in the way the play. These kids often play with clay, draw, make up stories or even their own pieces on the piano, play theatre, build ships or planes – actually they are already creating things.

It's sometimes hard for a really talented child to be able to decide which of their many interests is going to be the one. Just as it is, in every thousand years a genius is born who doesn't bother about choosing a field because he creates masterpieces in every form of art.

Leonardo was the extraordinary marvel who is still the first among the greatest. He was a painter, a sculptor, an architect, a military engineer and a scientist in one. His oeuvre is the evidence that talent is vital for the development of art and science but creativity is even more substantial. Creativity makes the world go round. The marvellous thing about this is that creativity doesn't only make an artist's life marvellous.

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