Bronze Sculptures

Bronze has been used for thousands of years for sculptures because of its durability, beauty and the fact that it can be formed easily. The Egyptian as well as the Greek artists used bronze for their statuettes through quite a modern technique. At the beginning the sculptures were moulded in parts which were riveted together when cold. Later they were able to mould even enormous sculptures as one piece.

Working with metal was blossoming in the Renaissance when the most famous moulding workshops were working in Italy (Padua) and Germany (Nurenberg). The greatest artists were Italian, too: Ghiberti, Verrocchio, Cellini. Sculptors working with bronze in the recent past are still popular today:  Rodin, Meunier, Maillol, Giacometti, Manzu and Marini.

Bronze is not exactly in a favourable position nowadays when the changing trends of modern art use new and not very lasting materials and techniques. However, the popular bronze works of the last thousands of years will always survive temporary trends because of the eternal values enclosed within them.

I do believe that this alloy will be the favourite material of generations of artists to come because of its many good features. Thus creating bronze sculptures can remain a form of art capable of being reborn at all times.

Amerigo Tot with my sculptures (1983.)
my wife and István Gajdócsi, PhD in the background