Some statements

We can only create our own world of thoughts and shapes when we are fully aware of sculpture as an art form and we respect its fundamental laws.

A true talent can be recognized by the fact that they do not learn but already know their profession, which is to be developed, of course, till the end of life. However learning the profession or manual skill are nothing in themselves – you can only become a sculptor if you  think in sculptures.

It's characteristic of successful artists that they never let go of their teenage self – they remain open and curious youngsters.

It is really lucky for an artist if they were given their fundamental experiences early on at their most sensitive age of childhood.

We can state that only the very best works of even the greatest artists remain and become well-known. We tell the tales of our lives to make our existence obvious for us and for others, too. Although most of these tales are only important for those involved, the life and works of great artists can be interesting for many. However much we try to love our works equally, just as with kids, we know the prima inter pares.

There is a saying that goes like this: “If you write just one great book in your life, it wasn't in vain.” The analogy goes like this: if a sculptor creates at least one or two good sculptures in each of his or her active years, there is a chance that he or she will be remembered.

The reason for the importance of protecting our environment comes from the simple fact that if this is not solved, all our other urgent problems become trivial, too.