The topic

I've been asked many times where my topics come from but I just don't know. Sometimes it's life offering one or it's my wish to give my opinion about one thing or another. Now, when I'm nearing seventy, I tend to think that I'm still looking for answers to the questions I asked in my youth. The experiences burnt into me then are still coming up as topics for my sculptures.

I've never been short of topics, rather it is choosing from the many I have that has been difficult. If you think about it, this is because many things inside and outside ourselves can be transformed into works of art.

The important thing is to be able to choose which can be formed by a sculptor. It is good if the thought to be represented is more effective if expressed  through forms than through words. For example, representing mourning can be convincing in literature, music or in painting but the pain expressed through the statuette of a mother showing her dead child to the skies is beyond all the above.

You can also describe the beauty of a nude, but highlighting the forms in a sculpture can be an eternal source of joy. My anxiety over the environment has been bothering me for a long time so it's easy to see why this topic has been expressed in my works in the past few years.

Életműzsűrire várva
Waiting for an oeuvre jury(2003.)