Creation is a word mostly associated with art products although anything made by a creative person in all walks of life can become a creation when it gains aesthetic quality. The wonder of creation lies in the fact that it gives a meaningful program, a future goal and the feeling of fulfilment to people. However, it is artistic creation that affects the mind and the senses on a higher level making our lives fuller and more colourful.

People with high standards are attracted to art works created in a conscious and aesthetic way because through them they can find experiences they long for and sometimes catharsis even.

The process of creation can be many-fold.  I always concentrate on the content expressing an emphatic meaning which I choose the given form for. In an ideal case my inner eye sees a complex image and I have nothing else to do but to transform it into a tangible form.

One can say that creation is a hard but beautiful process, which inspires the artist to create  new works. This feeling becomes truly great when you can see that others are also amazed by what you have created.