My sculptures


My sculptures deal with the simple but also uplifting events of human life. They ask questions  about creation, death, beauty and war. They just as much discuss topics like the connection between man and woman, loneliness, the relation between man and nature, and the care for our environment. They also represent the inner struggle between our ideal and real selves.

As I have never cared much about artistic trends, I sincerely hope that my works will not become outdated. I used to think of the bonmot “You know, my works are my children” as a funny one except that now I still say this but with the deepest conviction because my statuettes are truly the embodied forms of my own thoughts.

Whenever I'm afraid of passing away, these bronze statuettes give me the comfort of knowing that they will still be here to be merry, to ask, to argue and wait for the answer to my questions even when I'm gone. I know they will. Are there going to be some who will protect them from harm with understanding and love? I can only hope that my works are physically lasting enough to live to see a future longed for by many when art is appreciated and enjoyed.

Pálfy Gusztáv